About us

Migori Institute Of Beauty and Proffessional Studies is a certified institution accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority(TVETA)under the Ministry of education.We offer courses such as Beauty and Hair dressing,Journalism and Media Studies,ICT and Technical programs such as engineering among other proficiency courses.Our mission is what drives us to everything to expand human potential.

We do that by creating a learner friendly environment,making our services efficient,affordable and sustainable as we make positive impact in the community where we live and work.Our programs are focused towards fostering economic development and ensuring adaptability of education as a social pillar of Vision 2030.

We have adequate and refined facilities that are responsive to changing programs. We offer a comfortable, safe and accessible educational environment. The layout and design of our institution contributes to placement and exposure of students, educators and community members. We offer Competency-Based Curricula in line with Kenya's national education and training aspirations that gear towards youth empowerement through training and skills development for entrepreneurship and employment creation.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of excellence for research, technical and employable skills.

Our Mission Statement

To provide quality technical, research, entrepreneurship, and employable skills by empowering graduates for self-sustainability.

Our Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Innovation and dynamism
  • Quality Service delivery
  • Leadership and responsibility
  • Visibility and competitiveness

Principal's Message



It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to Migori Institute of Beauty and Professional Studies (MIBPS).
Along with the college’s 2030 vision, (MIBPS) is reaching new heights in each mission area in academics, Hospitality, Cosmetology, Fashion Design, ICT, research, and Entrepreneurship.
The world is changing and in turn, our education system is changing to strengthen our students and graduates to face today’s employment challenges, gain the required knowledge and skills, and grow at an individual level to deal with the opportunities in a comprehensive and innovative way.
The college has a great leap in social responsibility by providing scholarships and awareness campaigns, and community services.I encourage you to browse the website to seek more information about the college and the programs.